A passion for precision

Our mission is to provide you with the best vision and the most exacting standards.

That’s why we are proud to be apart of the SEIKO VISION SPECIALISTS, a selected group of expert independent opticians/optometrists, with a passion for precision. We take the time to give you detailed advice and to fit your ideal SEIKO lenses individually.


Created for those who aspire to excellence, SEIKO Brilliance is a premium progressive lens that dramatically’ enhances the wearer’s vision. The combination of innovative technologies – featured for the first time in a progressive lens –

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guarantees the utmost comfort and uncompromised performance while reducing the adaptation phase to a minimum.

Single vision

SEIKO I Xceed are personalised, premium single vision lenses that offer unique vision correction. Tailored to the wearer’s individual parameters and designed to suit their personal lifestyle, these lenses provide exceptional visual

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performance along with stylish design. The first lens to consider preferred viewing distances, SEIKO I Xceed ensures that regardless of the wearers’ visual needs – be it near, intermediate, or far – they experience maximum clarity in all areas of the lens.


Imagine lenses that adapt to your surroundings quickly and reliably. That help protect your eyes from overexposure to light, whether you are indoors or outdoors. SEIKO SENSITY lenses combine hi-tech

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photochromic technology with seamless design, helping you to see comfortably from the moment the sun comes up. Discover the next step in photochromic lenses. No matter the season, climate or lifestyle, the ‘new and improved’ SEIKO SENSITY 2 fades to super-clear indoors, almost twice as fast.


SEIKO PolarThin is the world’s thinnest polarised lens and offers you glare reduction and improved contrast and colour. With their lightweight design, they can be used in all types of frames. Choose between cool grey or warm

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brown to give your lenses a natural hue. It’s crucial to protect your eyes from high sun exposure during outdoor activities. With the SEIKO PolarThin innovative polarisation filter, glare is reduced and the benefits are endless.


SEIKO Curved and Curved X allow you to wear single view or progressive lenses while enjoying sports or recreational activities, without compromising on your look, comfort or quality. With more than 250 different

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colours, there are almost limitless options when it comes to creating your personal look. Cutting-edge SEIKO High Curved Technology optimises the design of the lens to enhance the look and style of the frames. Made in any shape for any occasion, your lenses perfectly match any purpose and setting.


The darker it gets, the more our eyesight can suffer. With decreasing brightness, our visual perception may become impaired and our pupils widen, making them much more prone to irritation from light reflection and

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glare. This can cause high levels of discomfort, particularly when driving at night. Our solution: SEIKO DRIVE. Designed for single-vision lenses, it allows you to see far distances with extra clarity, eliminating distortions around the edges. SEIKO DRIVE X for progressive lenses optimises your immediate field of vision, giving you a clear view of everything on the dashboard.


SEIKO INDOOR lenses are ideal for situations that demand extensive eye movement within a specific range of vision. To cater to your individual requirements, we provide SEIKO INDOOR PC, SEIKO INDOOR 100, and SEIKO INDOOR 200.

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The unique design of the SEIKO INDOOR PC lens offers a broad, close-up zone as well as an intermediate zone, ensuring comfortable eye transitions between your computer screen, keyboard, and all other items on your desk. It’s ideal for activities spanning a range of 50cm to 1m.


MiYOSMART is a specially designed eyeglass lens technology that slow downs the progression of myopia (nearsightedness) in children. It works by incorporating a series of micro-lenses within the lens itself to guide

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incoming light towards the periphery of the retina. This reduces the stimulus for eye elongation and consequently decelerates the advancement of myopia. MiYOSMART lenses are a vital tool for parents and eyecare professionals who are concerned about their children’s eye health.