Founded in 2009, ECO was the world’s first sustainable eyewear brand. Their goal is to find an eyewear solution that respects the environment, while also never compromising on design, quality or comfort. That’s why they only make eyewear from sustainable materials and designs that last, year after year. ECO uses earth-friendly materials and plants one tree for each frame bought – so far, they have planted over two million trees.


Founded in 1990 in New York, Modo Eyewear encapsulates the city’s independent, progressive spirit, with its Italian design heritage and minimal Scandinavian style. Throughout their 30-plus-year, the eye wear brand has offered eyewear that delivers lasting quality and lightness. From the thinnest titanium frames to chunky acetate, their frames will never weigh you down. Modo delivers lasting quality and style. From the thinnest titanium frames to chunky acetate.


Launched in 1995, FACE A FACE is a contemporary eyewear brand founded in France by Pascal Jaulent, Nadine Roth and Alyson Magee. After joining the design eyewear group in 2015, FACE A FACE moved its headquarters to Denmark. FACE A FACE is a fashion-forward eyewear brand. Their collections draw inspiration from modern art, architecture, contemporary design and style trends. With their contemporary combinations of materials, unique shapes and vibrant colour palettes, FACE A FACE’s eyewear strike a perfect balance between quality, function and design. From sophisticated to playful, each collection has a distinctive character and emotion, making the eyewear as unique as you.


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GÖTTI was founded in 1998, with a focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability. Designed by Sven Gotti in Switzerland, the frames neatly blend form and function. An unmistakable minimalist and harmonious design language is the distinguishing common thread throughout the collection. It is an unequivocal expression of stylistic confidence, quality and Swissness.


Hans Stepper’s father opened an optical shop in Stuttgart, Germany in 1936. After working in his father’s practice as a young man, Hans was encouraged by the German frame manufacturer Metzler to pursue his interest in frame design. Following this advice, Hans moved to Finland where he designed frames for Instrumentarium and honed his skills and knowledge. Today, STEPPER frames remain true to his commitment to providing frames that meet the ophthalmic needs and style needs of the wearer.


Etnia Barcelona is a Spanish eyewear brand known for its colourful and eclectic designs. Founded in 2003, the brand is inspired by Barcelona’s vibrant culture and its diverse communities. Etnia Barcelona’s frames are made using high-quality materials such as natural acetate and mineral lenses. The brand also values social and environmental responsibility and partners with various organisations to promote sustainability and social causes. With its unique style and commitment to ethical practices, Etnia Barcelona has become a popular choice for those looking for eyewear that is both fashionable and socially responsible.


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